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Reviews for Hypno on the Hill Seattle Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

"I went to Hypno on the Hill for help quitting smoking.  I'd been smoking all of my adult life.  All previous attempts to quit had begun with frustration and rage and ended with failure and resignation.  I decided to give hypnotherapy a chance.

In one session, Kira brought me to understand the reasons why I smoked and put me in a position where choosing not to was easy.  Kira has great empathy and perception.  I immediately felt comfortable and at ease in her presence.  She made every part of our session feel safe and simple.

I really thought I would never be able to quit smoking.  And yet through this process not only did I stop but it was easy, simple and without stress.  It's not magic, it's Kira Dorrian.  She is simply very good at what she does.  I can't recommend her strongly enough."

-Mark F., Seattle, WA


"I was referred to Kira by a friend who had quit smoking through hypnotherapy. I wanted desperately to quit for a myriad of reasons, namely it was just time.

I honestly didn't think it would work for me. And during the first session, I was secretly planning my next cigarette (for smoking cessation there are two appointments). At the end of that session she said, "OK, you are now a non-smoker." She gave me some instructions (which I followed), and I was SHOCKED I didn't smoke after that meeting. I had a slight urge to smoke after that meeting, but it was if I just didn't have it in me anymore.

I haven't smoked a cigarette since that initial meeting, and it has been more than 7 months. Pretty cool. Thank you Kira. You are wonderful--you gave me back my life."

-D.B., Seattle, WA


"I have been a nail biter my entire life, but now that I own my own business I was starting to feel self-conscious. Kira was able to get to the root of my nail-biting and suggest an alternative habit in only one session! I really couldn't believe that one hour could change my life, but it did. I had never before considered hypnotherapy, but Kira is so thoughtful, friendly, and open that after meeting her a few times I knew I wanted to give it a try! I can't recommend Kira more!"

-Michelle L., Seattle, WA


"Kira is a talented, natural hypnotherapist. I had my doubts about whether or not I would 'go under' but she made it such a comfortable experience, it was easy. I felt very safe, and able to explore the deepest emotions I've ever been able to in therapy. She led me to visualize, connect and confront in a way that has had tangible lasting effects. Previously troubled relationships (of 30+ years) are now healing, I feel energized and much, much happier than I have in a long time. I would highly recommend Kira, not only for her skill as a hypnotherapist but also as a caring, empathetic and grounded professional."

-Cindy Bush, Toronto, Canada


"I had a fear of public speaking. Kira gently helped me discover the cause of my fear and overcome it. Amazingly it only took 3 sessions to conquer a fear I’ve dealt with since childhood. I now have an incredible sense of freedom and confidence that I didn’t have before, not only regarding public speaking but my life in general. Kira is a true professional. She got right to the important issues that led to my rapid progress. Thanks Kira!"

-Anna H, Seattle, WA


"Looking to drop a couple decades long habits, I found Kira via web search.  In just two sessions, the first habit was gone (now going on nine months with no relapse).  The second habit was more deeply seeded and tied to traumatic childhood events (over 4 decades ago).  Kira was able to navigate this with me and in one and a half sessions, that habit has also been relegated to the history books.  I've tried prescriptions, replacement/substitutes, aversion and just about every other means of discontinuing the two habits with no luck previously.  The work I did with Kira paid immediate dividends.

I've worked with other hypnotherapists (helping my wife and I prepare for the home births of each of our two sons) and they were also good, but Kira's style and demeanor were top notch...Thank you Kira."

-B.H., Seattle, WA

"A fear of heights is OK, but I had a totally excessive, irrational fear.  A relative suggested hypnotherapy; I looked online and found Kira.  She was amazing.  After the first session, Kira said I should go up the Space Needle - I'd been up there just once before but had not been able to go onto the outer deck.  This time, I went up, and walked around the outer deck, looked down, everything was fine.  A couple of months later, I went up a 6,500 ft cable car ride in CA, something I could never have done before.  Thank you Kira!"  

Ian H., Seattle, WA


"Kira is fantastic! I originally went to her for audition anxiety as well as one or two other issues. As we progressed through the first session, she uncovered so many more underlying issues and was completely unafraid to tackle them. Kira has a very calming presence about her and is able to reassure you that though the work you're facing may be difficult at times, the end result is liberating. I now have new tools and resources to deal with difficult situations in my life, and I would absolutely recommend going to see her! Thank you Kira!"

-Kyle Traver, Lynnwood, WA


"All of my life I have suffered extreme anxiety and tended to worry about everything. Work was an especially anxious subject for me and caused me no small amount of mental and physical distress. As I have gotten older I have become determined to not continue on in this manner and instead reach out for things that could help. My first step was going to a psychiatrist and trying various medications. While some helped a bit, nothing really felt like it got to the core of the problem.

After a particularly hard 2014 I was pointed toward Kira at Hypno on the Hill. I had never done hypnotherapy before and was a bit skeptical but was willing to try it. Anxiety is hard to tackle as it isn't a specific habit or trait that needs to be addressed and instead it is a state of mind, so I was worried about how effective hypno would be. But after meeting Kira, I knew that this was my best shot! Kira was very professional, caring and created an extremely comfortable environment allowing me to feel secure in opening up and giving my all.

After the first session I felt relaxed and refreshed and on the drive home I just felt calm. Well, it has been three months now and I have had barely an anxious moment (except maybe during Seahawks games!). I'm able to take work as it comes and simply do my best without making myself physically sick from worry. I'm still amazed that this change occurred and that it seemed so effortless, but there is no debating that a major shift in my life has happened.

-Matthew V., Monroe, WA


"I was referred to Kira by a family friend and it has been the most life changing referral I have been given in my 32 years.

When I first met with Kira I came to her with multiple issues, some stemming from my earliest childhood.  In the past I have tried several forms of therapy with different degrees of success. What set Kira apart  was her ability to  grasp the complexity of my issues.  From the very beginning she helped me work on myself in a quick, orderly and logical progression.  She was always sensitive to my comfort level and sense of safety in discussing very painful experiences. I had no expectations of working through all of my issues..but we did.

Kira is an incredibly compassionate and loving soul who has a very positive way of awakening a sense of empowerment in oneself. With each appointment I experienced such progress and break throughs. I always left with such increased insight, tools and coping strategies to help me grow.  In a short period of time she has helped me understand that my experiences and memories will never disappear completely, but they needn't be center stage in my life.  We created a place where they will continue to exist, but can no longer interfere with my ability to move forward and to love both myself and my life.  

Words can't express how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to work with Kira.  It has been an incredible journey and I very sincerely give her the highest of recommendations!"

-Miranda M., Seattle, WA