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Seattle Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

Common Issues:

While I love to work with clients on anything and everything, my practice does specialize in a few key areas:

Nail biting   |   Smoking   |   Phobias   |   Confidence & Motivation  |  Anxiety


Other common issues which can be treated by hypnotherapy include:

Weight Loss  |   Eating Disorders    |   Insomnia  |  Relationship issues   

Emotional issues   |  And much more!


Anything in your life which feels like a block, or is negatively impacting you can be altered and improved through hypnotherapy.  Anything you wish to be a more positive part of your life can be enhanced with hypnotherapy. 



How does it work?:

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy is an extremely powerful process which goes to the root of a problem and effectively removes it at the core, allowing the problem to be released. Many of our issues are caused by a moment in time when our mind decided that by acting in a particular way a certain need would be met. This often occurs in childhood, though not always. As we go through time, this part of us continues to try and meet this need in the same way, even if we no longer wish it to do so, even if it now is actually getting in the way of what want.

Through hypnotherapy, we can go to the original cause of this problem and resolve it, allowing it to let go and release old habits which no longer serve us. This method is the main difference between transpersonal hypnotherapy and traditional hypnotherapy which relies solely on the power of suggestion. Suggestion-only based hypnotherapy creates what I like to call a "powerful band-aid" for the problem, which oftentimes will "fall off" at some point in the future. Through transpersonal hypnotherapy we can resolve the problem completely, instead of simply covering it up.

Through hypnotherapy, we can also provide alternative ways of meeting these needs, allowing a person to not only release the bad habit, but gain a positive one instead. By going into a deep relaxation we can quiet the conscious mind, which is our critical faculty, the part of us that says "no" to change, and engage instead with the subconscious mind, which is where we formed our original coping mechanism. It is with the subconscious mind that we are able to access the part of us which makes change happen at a deep and permanent level.

What it is versus what it's not:

Hypnotherapy is a tool like any other.  It is a powerful tool, but one which you must be willing to actively use.  For me, my issue was nail biting.  After one session I never bit them again.  This wasn't because the habit disappeared, it was because hypnotherapy made me conscious of the choice I had not to bite, a very new feeling for me at the time since biting my nails was a subconscious act.  Hypnotherapy was able to reduce the impulse to bite, but the only way for me to make it disappear entirely was to choose not to.  Hypnotherapy gave me the choice and therefore the tool to change.

What to expect: 

I generally begin each session with an informal chat, where I will ask you many questions designed to make you think about the issue you'd like to tackle in different ways, and also for me to gain a greater understanding of your experience with this issue.  I will then lead you through a progressive relaxation, taking you into a relaxing state where we will begin the hypnotherapy process.

You, the client, are always completely in control and able to come out of this peaceful state at any time you wish.  We are always in constant communication and I encourage my clients to speak openly about how they are feeling throughout the session.

Most people leave a session feeling very calm, relaxed, and sometimes a bit light headed.  Often, people feel invigorated and ready for the life change they intend to make.  Others feel relaxed and sleepy.  Either way, people generally have a pleasant experience, and leave feeling change has taken place already.



Kira is extremely excited to be collaborating with colleage Tracy Adams in creating the Seattle Hypnosis Group.  Please visit our website www.seattlehypnosisgroup.com for more information.